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The Big Tide  by  Marc Heberden

The Big Tide by Marc Heberden
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The Golden Rule: he who has the gold, makes the rules. Or so he thinks. One day, a millionaire named Eric Sumners wanders into a struggling boatyard, having decided on a whim to have a big wooden sailing yacht built for his beautiful, artistic wife, Deborah.For the yard owners, Jack and Ellen Colby, it is a dream come true.

Jack, despite his pessimism, agrees to the project, prodded by Ellen and his working partner, Scott McKay. A whole new world seems to be opening for all of them. But where comes wild good fortune, also comes temptation and danger.Lies and adultery, jealousy and ambition. The rich tapestry of possibilties -- whether for good or for evil -- becomes increasing entangled, a disaster in the making for all of them, including Sumners... living up well to Scotts assessment: you never, ever know what people will get up to, when given half a chance.

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