SNATCHLINGS Eliza Granville



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SNATCHLINGS  by  Eliza Granville

SNATCHLINGS by Eliza Granville
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In 1944 Polish Kapitan Aleksander Chrominska, stationed in the Welsh Marches countryside, was found hanged. It was suicide, everyone decided, brought on by guilt. Either he’d been a Nazi spy – after all he spoke German fluently – or maybe he’d had something to do with the disappearance of two young sisters from the very farm where he’d been welcomed as one of the family- perhaps both.

Nearly seventy years later, Al, Chrominska’s grandson comes in search of answers. It’s too late: nobody remembers- nobody cares. He’s just about to give up and return to Warsaw when the naked girl falls from nowhere with the year’s first snow. Bit by bit the truth about the past emerges, ensuring that Al will never again look upon a new born baby in the same light.

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