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Swordplay Sharp Ends  by  Dan M. Hoffman

Swordplay Sharp Ends by Dan M. Hoffman
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 284 pages | ISBN: | 4.62 Mb

Swordplay Sharp Ends offers a humorous tale where American science teacher, Murphy Sharp, gets sucked down an energy vortex from Earth to Hearth—an alternate world trapped in the dark ages, ruled by mysterious Lords of Night and Day. Murphy, armed with just a paltry Swiss Army knife, battles Warlocks, wielders of evil dark swords, with his new gained allies Wardens, wielders of honest to goodness sentient Guidance swords while also unraveling and upending all sorts of magical mysticism, bitter civil strife, splintered religions and powerful hidden secrets wherever he treads.

Murphy’s series of comedic mishap adventures gets all people and swords believing he’s their prophesized Sojourner, the actual job meant for the triumphant return of the greatest demonic Lord of Night and Day. A demon whom plans, powers and body are so damaged, all inadvertently by Murphy’s actions, aims to capture, torture and possess the aggravating American.

All this for a guy lost on vacation and just trying to find his way home.

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